QUiNFOS welcomes new CEO Kai Kalchthaler

QUiNFOS is pleased to announce a pivotal leadership transition. Effective January 1, 2024, Mr. Kai Kalchthaler will assume the role of CEO for the company.

Cologne, August 17, 2023 QUiNFOS, a prominent provider of innovative Business Information solutions, is pleased to announce a pivotal leadership transition. Effective January 1, 2024, Mr. Kai Kalchthaler will assume the role of CEO for the company. Most recently serving as the CEO of Experian DACH, a dynamic partnership between Experian and Riverty (formerly Arvato Financial Solutions and part of the Bertelsmann Group), the 50-year-old spearheaded operations in the German-speaking region. Experian is a renowned global provider of information, software, and AI solutions that empower digital decision-making and transformation worldwide. He succeeds Jörg Mertens, who is leaving the company at his own request at the end of August.

Kalchthaler brings over two decades of experience in the field of data, technology, and analytics-based business models to the job. Prior to the sale of the unit he led to Experian, he played a pivotal role as the Director of Risk Management at Arvato Financial Solutions since 2008. During this time, he directed strategic initiatives, successfully implementing novel business models for digital decision-making and actively supporting digital transformation efforts. His visionary leadership drove the expansion of the business through global outreach, forging impactful strategic alliances, and orchestrating several successful M&A transactions. Mr. Kalchthaler’s journey also includes notable leadership roles at O2 (Telefónica Germany) and the Handelsblatt publishing group.

Dr. Christoph Bauer, CEO of DuMont and Chairman of the QUiNFOS Advisory Board, emphasizes, “Our strategic move to restructure the Business Information division under its own brand this year has been a defining moment. With Kai Kalchthaler, we are poised to accelerate our growth trajectory and elevate our market presence.”

Kai Kalchthaler commented: “DuMont’s amalgamation of several companies within the Business Information sphere has ingeniously laid the foundation for future growth. I am excited to lead QUiNFOS towards a new phase of innovation and collaboration, alongside my dedicated colleagues.”

Today, QUiNFOS stands out as one of the foremost providers of Business Information and Business Solutions in Germany, catering to decision-makers and professionals across the realms of business, politics, and administration. Operating under the QUiNFOS banner, five distinct companies – Datamining, DTAD, ETICOR, Reguvis, and Validatis – collectively boast a workforce of over 300 dedicated individuals. Their array of products, data resources, and services collectively contribute to enhancing market transparency while establishing a robust framework for legally sound actions. In 2022, the Business Information division of the DuMont family enterprise was seamlessly integrated under the QUiNFOS brand, signifying a significant milestone in this endeavor.


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